The Contract

We are going to have a great day together!

Your wedding will be awesome, we’re going to have lots of fun, and I’m very much looking forward to being there to capture your day and share it with you.

Package and Payment
By now you’ve hopefully had a look at my package list, and might have decided what package you’re after. When I invoice you, I’ll specify in that invoice the package choice you have selected, along with any add ons (such as an engagement shoot, album etc) If I miss something, please let me know. If you’d like something to be more specific, just ask. I’ll invoice you twice: once for the deposit, and one about two weeks before the big day. To lock in the day from any other enquiries I require a booking fee of 50% of the package, with the balance due 2 weeks before the wedding date. All my packages include fully edited high resolution watermark free images. I recommend giving copies to your family, so you do have a back up. I try to keep them for 3months in case you need copies or something happens on your end.

Sometimes things happen and the day has to be postponed, or cancelled. If you let me know ASAP I can reopen that day to other potential clients. If your date gets rebooked, then I refund the whole amount.

Group shots
I suggest that you set aside a short amount of time immediately after your ceremony for some group photos. This can be a bit challenging (a bit like herding cattle) trying to get extended family into a group BUT it is really worth it! It will make your parents (and grandparents) happy to know you have a shot of you all smiling at the camera! It’s a good idea to sit down and write out the combinations of family that you want captured – AND ask someone (a reliable friend/bridesmaid who knows most of the people on the list) to help gather people on the day (because I don’t know who your Uncle/Aunt/Long lost cousin is!).

Delivery of photos and albums

Sometimes I may put up a ‘sneak peek’ on my blog after the day. This is a great way to relive some of the special moments of the day from your honeymoon! And its a good way for family and friends who weren’t able to make it have a look and see what they missed! If you don’t want me using your images on my website/facebook/instagram and advertising please let me know BEFORE your wedding!

I’ll have your photos to you on your personal online gallery normally in 4-6weeks, unless discussed otherwise. Albums take slightly longer; I’ll have your album proof to you around 6-9 weeks after your day. Once the initial proof has been sent to you for review there is a 2 week period for assessment and for changes to be emailed back to me. The same two week period applies for any additional changes. If no correspondence from the client has occurred in a six month period the album will be forfeited and no refund will be given.
Normally I deliver a minimum of 600 images from the full day package to give you a bit of a gauge of how many shots you’re going to get.

All the high-resolution images I provide you will be fully edited, and watermark free. As you would have seen from my website, my style is keeping things natural, highlighting the surrounds but allowing you guys to be the stars of the shot! I create some images in black and white, but the vast majority will be in colour. (approx 90% colour 10% black and white)

All of my packages include high-resolution digital images on an online gallery – yours to do what you like with, such as printing, emailing, putting on Facebook etc. However, by law as a photographer I retain ownership of the images. To sum it up – you can’t sell your wedding photos for a profit – as that’d infringe on my copyright.

Sickness / injury
I’ve never missed a wedding. But accidents do happen, and people get sick. If for some reason I’m injured or so sick that I can’t be at your wedding (and it would have to be something pretty extreme!), it will be my responsibility to ensure that a colleague of mine of equal or greater skill and a similar style of photography is there to capture your day in my place.

On the day

Since I will have been running around all day with you, it’s a good idea to have this in mind: When you eat, I eat. It makes a lot more sense if the venue gives me food at the same time as you so that I can be ready for when speeches start, otherwise venues tend to give me the meal after all the guests and that’s normally when speeches start. So tell your venue to feed me at the same time that you and your guests are fed (which makes this a non issue if you’ve put me on a table with your guests!) So I’m not missing anything!

That’s about it! Any questions or concerns just contact me! Cant wait to work with you!