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Zac + Meeghan | Southern Highlands Mali Brae Farm
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Today’s wedding could have been something out of the season finale of an episode of Grays anatomy or maybe a little closer to home, old All Saints. Stunning couple, gorgeous bridal party, breathtaking location and a great love story to bring it all to life.

Zac and Meeghan met in a hospital, he is a doctor she is a nurse. Their wedding day, 10th may 2014, couldn’t have been anymore perfect for a highland autumn wedding. I had the pleasure of capturing the first wedding at Mali brae farm almost a year ago, and it was wonderful to come back to one of my favourite locations to capture another couples special day. With Zac and Meeghan moving every 6 months for his commitments as a Doctor I wish them all the best as their love story and family continues to unfold. Congratulations Guys!

Zac + Meeghan-1

Zac + Meeghan-2

Zac + Meeghan-3

Zac + Meeghan-4

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Delicious food by Violets & Vinegar www.violetsandvinegar.com.auZac + Meeghan-29

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