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Mitch + Kirby | Mali Brae Farm Weddings
mali brae farm, moss vale, southern highlands wedding photographer

This post is a bit longer than normal, but I think that is justified as on Saturday I was honoured to capture Mitch my brother-in-laws’ marriage to his beautiful bride and my good friend Kirby. This was a special day for many reasons, Mitch and Kirby were each others first loves and first kisses. This was the first wedding in the family that I have captured. The day was even special for another reason, their wedding reception was the first to be held at Mali Brae Farm in the Southern Highlands.

The whole day was full of laughter and joking, with me arriving at Mitches farm to see the groomsmen waiting for a group shot- wearing only their wedding socks…in Southern Highland temperatures! Thankfully for you guys – that shot didn’t make the blog. Mitch and Kirbs were naturals in front of the camera, not surprising considering Mitch has grown up having his dad, Greg, capture almost every waking second with his trusty old video camera – and of course that made an appearance on this occasion.

The grounds of Mali Brae are truly spectacular – as you will see. We were all holding our breaths and praying that the gorgeous canvas of autumn leaves would stick around for the day, and we were truly blessed! As the sun went down the fireplaces were lit and chandeliers and lanterns transformed an old tin shed into one of the most beautiful and memorable venues I’ve seen.

The couple treated everyone to a “first dance-off” with Mitch’s Kings of Leon taking on Kirby’s Beyonce. I got to put down the camera and have a dance, but not before getting my Father in Law busting out some Peter Garret style dancing.


Congrats to my Brother and new sister in law! Love you both!


mali brae farm, moss vale wedding
mali brae farm wedding moss vale, southern highlands, fitzroy falls, bowral weddings

Venue: Mali Brae Farm

Catering: Chef in Your Kitchen

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