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Jason + Niki | Lindenderry Mornington Peninsula Wedding

After Landing in Avalon Airport and dropping a stranded pair of German backpackers to Melbourne CBD I continued on to Red Hill to meet Jason + Niki and scope out the area. Now meeting Jase + Niki face to face for the first time on Friday and getting to know them a little bit before their big day was fantastic. What a loud, happy and great bunch of people they had around them. After discussing the finer details of their following day with Niki at Lindenderry Winery I ventured into Rye, to catch up with Jase and his crew for a beer and some dinner at the Rye Hotel. The warmth and hospitality that met me was nothing short of amazing.

These guys were super cool, calm and relaxed, with none of the crazy wedding jitters that some people can get. Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula became the backdrop for the day. Traveling around in style in a stretch hummer, even down some nice hair-pins requiring a number of 3point, or more, turns. The day went by in a flash, as they always seem to do, and what a blast! Niki was the always willing bride to try some random shots, be it climbing into the water or scrambling up a playground teacup.


Thanks guys for such an amazing Victoria experience and wish you all the best!


Jason + Niki-1

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