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Careen + Anthony | Kangaroo Valley Wedding
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Anthony and Careen met nearly six years ago. Careen was a receptionist at a gym when the NRL Sharks reserve grade walked past, “but only one really caught my eye.” Anthony proposed while holidaying up the coast, and the couple chose Kangaroo Valley River Estate as the location for their celebrations.

As Careen was about to make her way to the aisle the rain bucketed down – prompting last minute choices – to go inside for the ceremony or stick with the great outdoors. Thankfully Careen chose the latter and there wasn’t another drop of rain for the rest of the day! Following the ceremony guests enjoyed the grounds of the estate, sipping homemade lemonade and snacking from the scattered picnic hampers before a delicious smorgasbord dinner.As the stars came up the guests lazed under a veil of bunting and strings of lights enjoying the amazing Oreo cake!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

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