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Kylie + David | Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat
kangaroo valley bush retreat

Waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of rain is usually beautiful but not this Saturday when I was shooting somebody’s wedding in Kangaroo Valley. Kylie and David from Crookwell had envisioned an outdoor wedding in the stunning rock cathedral that the Bush Retreat had to offer. The rain was relentless and plans were beginning to lean to a switch to an indoor ceremony.

Some “subtle” encouragement from the photographer saw the couple bite the bullet and stick to the plan. And so at 4pm armed with umbrella and raincoats, Kylie and Dave’s closest family and friend surrounded them as they declared their love and commitment to each other – with the heavens opening in celebration!

Kylie was the ideal bride – you only live once (and get married once) was adopted as her motto for the day.This is the type of day that will stick in my memory for a long while, so I’m sure it will be much more to these two amazing people!

Thanks for such a great adventure and willing to play in the rain!


Kylie + David-15

Kylie + David-1

Kylie + David-2

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