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Rasika + Nayantara | Curzon Hall
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Have a look at Ras and Taras celebrations. Seems I’m always lucky enough to have fantastic fun couples to capture. Their day started off with a Bhuddist ceremony then partying at Curzon Hall. Thanks for a great day and letting me be a part of it!

Tara + Ras-1_stomp Tara + Ras-5_stomp Tara + Ras-7_stomp Tara + Ras-9_stomp Tara + Ras-10_stomp Tara + Ras-14_stomp Tara + Ras-15_stomp Tara + Ras-17_stomp Tara + Ras-20_stomp Tara + Ras-21_stomp Tara + Ras-24_stomp Tara + Ras-26_stomp Tara + Ras-27_stomp Tara + Ras-29_stomp Tara + Ras-30_stomp Tara + Ras-33_stomp Tara + Ras-37_stomp Tara + Ras-41_stomp Tara + Ras-45_stomp Tara + Ras-47_stomp Tara + Ras-49_stomp Tara + Ras-52_stomp Tara + Ras-53_stomp Tara + Ras-55_stomp Tara + Ras-59_stomp Tara + Ras-61_stomp Tara + Ras-63_stomp Tara + Ras-64_stomp Tara + Ras-68_stomp Tara + Ras-69_stomp Tara + Ras-72_stomp Tara + Ras-76_stomp Tara + Ras-77_stomp Tara + Ras-79_stomp Tara + Ras-82_stomp


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