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Andrew + Vanessa | Cupitts Winery Milton
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For those forgetful blokes out there, take a leaf out of Andrews’ book and turn your anniversary into your wedding day.

For Andrew and Vanessa, the 22nd of March marked 8 years together and they were married on the gorgeous grounds of Cupitts Winery in Milton. I love the south coast, and it didn’t disappoint as we headed to Narrawallee for some Autumn beach shots. Vanessa looked the picture of elegance in a vintage inspired gown,  surrounded by her beautiful flower girls and bridesmaids. It was a breeze shooting such a photographic bunch of people!

Congrats Andrew and Vanessa, thanks for inviting me to capture your day!

Andrew + Vanessa-1

Andrew + Vanessa-2

Andrew + Vanessa-3

Andrew + Vanessa-4

Andrew + Vanessa-5

Andrew + Vanessa-6

Andrew + Vanessa-7

Andrew + Vanessa-8

Andrew + Vanessa-9

Andrew + Vanessa-10

Andrew + Vanessa-11

Andrew + Vanessa-12

Andrew + Vanessa-13

Andrew + Vanessa-14

Andrew + Vanessa-15

Andrew + Vanessa-16

Andrew + Vanessa-17

Andrew + Vanessa-18

Andrew + Vanessa-19

Andrew + Vanessa-20

Andrew + Vanessa-21

Andrew + Vanessa-22

Andrew + Vanessa-23

Andrew + Vanessa-24

Andrew + Vanessa-25

Andrew + Vanessa-26

Andrew + Vanessa-27

Andrew + Vanessa-28

Andrew + Vanessa-29

Andrew + Vanessa-30

Andrew + Vanessa-31

Andrew + Vanessa-32

Andrew + Vanessa-33

Andrew + Vanessa-34

Andrew + Vanessa-35

Andrew + Vanessa-36

Andrew + Vanessa-37

Andrew + Vanessa-38

Andrew + Vanessa-39

Andrew + Vanessa-40

Andrew + Vanessa-41

Andrew + Vanessa-42

Andrew + Vanessa-43

Andrew + Vanessa-44

Andrew + Vanessa-45

Andrew + Vanessa-46

Andrew + Vanessa-47

Andrew + Vanessa-48


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