Landscape | Portrait | Architecture
Despite a career focus on wedding photography, I love capturing images in other fields as well.  My passion for learning and perfecting other forms of  photography is then utilized in my wedding work, and my artistry as a whole benefits from my other endeavors.  The following is a collection of my favorite pieces, some commissioned and others simply for fun.  
If you are interested in having something commissioned, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss opportunities with you!
Landscape photography can seem simple at first, however a closer look reveals a intricate depth full of story and emotion. An art-form like no other, landscapes can perfectly encapsulate the experience of travelling, and call forward incredibly variant emotions for different people. My work in landscapes spans multiple countries, and captures my adventures, travels, and experiences.


From the twinkle in a newborn’s eye, to the gritty, sun-soaked wrinkles in the face of a weathered man, images can tell incredibly detailed stories about life.  They say the eyes are windows into the soul, and portraits can capture that perfectly, adding depth and intrigue to  a person’s individual personality and characteristics. The following is a collection of portrait work I have performed, and captures a moment in someone’s life to be memorialized forever.

Successfully showcasing their beautiful work is a must for any Architect or Interior Designer, and quality architectural photography is the best way to accomplish that.  I love taking the enthusiasm an artist has for his own art, and transferring that beauty and energy into an image that truly reflects the established design and feel of a building.  For inquiries into my work in architectural photography, please contact me via the form above.