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Madeline + Paul {Sylvan Glen – Southern Highlands Spring Wedding}

5 Years ago to the day Madeline met Paul at a friends birthday in the city, “Little did we know that chance meeting would change our whole lives.” They have been inseparable since. Paul a true romantic proposed on a holiday to Hawaii, gifting Madeline three envelopes during an elaborate day of surprises. Inside three envelopes were the words “my heart”, “my soul” and “my life”, Paul telling Madeline “these are forever yours” before bringing out the final envelope containing the ring.

The couple chose the gorgeous and intimate Sylvan Glen Country House as the location for their day. The warm weather was perfect for Paul and his groomsmen to have a game of golf and a kick around before suiting up. The ceremony was certainly emotional, and the love these two share wasn’t hidden away – they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

Though Madeline’s father Stephen passed away 6 years ago, she still held onto him walking down the aisle, his photo within a pendant wrapped around her bouquet. The ceremony culminated in the stunning explosion of the rose cannons, (even if one ‘accidentally’ went off a little early!) and the new couple ran down the aisle to a shower of petals raining down.

Congrats to a beautiful couple!

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