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Jodi + Jarrod {Kangaroo Valley Wedding Photography}

Jodi + Jarrod were “Just Friends” and for some reason they kept telling themselves that was all they were, when family and friends could tell different. After being together for 6 years Jarrod decided to make it official and surprise Jodi on bended knee while she was jumping for fireworks in Japan. These two were an amazing pair and such a great couple to hang out with on a great warm autumn day back in the valley. Thanks for some great memories guys!


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Jodi Jarrod-36_WEB Jodi Jarrod-40_WEB Jodi Jarrod-43_WEBJodi Jarrod-44_WEB  Jodi Jarrod-62_WEB Jodi Jarrod-54_WEB Jodi Jarrod-51_WEB Jodi Jarrod-49_WEB Jodi Jarrod-47_WEBJodi Jarrod-67_WEB     Jodi Jarrod-72_WEB Jodi Jarrod-69_WEBJodi Jarrod-79_WEBJodi Jarrod-77_WEBJodi Jarrod-76_WEBJodi Jarrod-74_WEBJodi Jarrod-82_WEB  Jodi Jarrod-83_WEBJodi Jarrod-84_WEBJodi Jarrod-89_WEB Jodi Jarrod-91_WEB Jodi Jarrod-90_WEBJodi Jarrod-99_WEB Jodi Jarrod-106_WEB Jodi Jarrod-105_WEB Jodi Jarrod-101_WEBJodi Jarrod-108_WEB Jodi Jarrod-114_WEB Jodi Jarrod-113_WEB Jodi Jarrod-111_WEB Jodi Jarrod-110_WEB Jodi Jarrod-119_WEBJodi Jarrod-122_WEB   Jodi Jarrod-127_WEBJodi Jarrod-129_WEB Jodi Jarrod-125_WEB Jodi Jarrod-124_WEBJodi Jarrod-130_WEB


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Event planner: Little Lane Events

Venue: Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

Flowers: Flora Folk


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