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Andrew + Karla {Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer}

Andrew, a Qantas Pilot, spotted a certain flight attendant boarding one of his flights and mentioned to the manager that he thought she was “a bit of looker”. Karla’s phone number on a Qantas napkin was the start of something good, that culminated in to this day.


Andrew + Karla-1_WEB Andrew + Karla-5_WEB Andrew + Karla-6_WEB Andrew + Karla-8_WEB Andrew + Karla-11_WEB Andrew + Karla-13_WEB Andrew + Karla-15_WEB Andrew + Karla-16_WEB Andrew + Karla-18_WEB Andrew + Karla-20_WEB Andrew + Karla-21_WEB Andrew + Karla-24_WEB Andrew + Karla-27_WEB Andrew + Karla-28_WEB Andrew + Karla-30_WEB Andrew + Karla-33_WEB Andrew + Karla-34_WEB Andrew + Karla-35_WEB Andrew + Karla-36_WEB Andrew + Karla-38_WEB Andrew + Karla-42_WEB Andrew + Karla-47_WEB Andrew + Karla-49_WEB Andrew + Karla-54_WEB Andrew + Karla-55_WEB Andrew + Karla-58_WEB Andrew + Karla-60_WEB Andrew + Karla-64_WEB Andrew + Karla-66_WEB Andrew + Karla-67_WEB

Andrew + Karla-70_WEB

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